2024 Manager bundle (Hautaka Āarahi Journal + Korerorero Rātaka)

$70.00 + GST

Product Description




This is the perfect bundle for centre managers performing all admin duties or team/room leaders….purchase as a bundle and SAVE.

The beautiful Hautaka Āarahi (to guide/lead) Journal is spectacular in full colour. This journal is a one stop shop for all your leadership, HR and documenting needs. Think how easy it would be to have reference pages to guiding your team, communication, dealing with conflict, rumble starters and mindfullness. Imagine having yearly, monthly and daily planners in the same journal, records for PLD attended, one on one meetings with team members, memos, reminders, planning meetings and much more! This journal/diary/planner really suits those of you who are born organisers, who like to have clear sections for each aspect of your leadership/management role but want to have it all together, in one place.

The Korerorero Rātaka is the product all the office managers/administrators in ECE will want! Records for staff details and suppliers as well as monthly and weekly planners to keep track of RS7 submissions, product orders, policy reviews, absent tamariki, kaiako on non-contact, visitors, transitions and much more.

The ideal room/hub communication tool for kaiako to ensure all the day to day communication is recorded for the whole team.

The perfect accompaniment to the Hautaka Āarahi journal for those managers of smaller centres who also perform admin duties or team/room leaders.

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