We have a diverse range of educational services to support you in any area of operation that may need refreshing.


Key benefits of educational services

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Professional development and operational support is simply a phone call away we provide your service with bespoke packages to meet your individual requirements and any area.

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Whatever the need is 4E’s expert ECE consultants will support, mentor and provide practical solutions to your educational needs.

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4E’s operational, business, professional development and design knowledge is extensive giving you the confidence to know what you are getting is the best of the best.



Face to face online phone calls emails and center whatever your preferred way to communicate we will ensure we get this done while providing a quality service in great return on investment.

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Professional development opportunities

4E's Consulting offers a wide range of professional learning development options for ECE business owners and educators - including face-to-face and online learning, teacher registration mentoring, leadership and management mentoring and more! Select the professional development category tab most relevant to your needs, or contact our team to make an enquiry. 


Our virtual training courses are an opportunity for you to engage and upskill your current teaching practice in your own time, at any time and from anywhere. We have a range of specialists covering a wide variety of ECE related topics. We would love to hear from you if you have a training topic that you would like covered.

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Face to face

Our face to face live online courses are an opportunity for you to engage and upskill your current teaching practice. Our motivating, enthusiastic and thought-provoking facilitators like to ensure that their courses are experience and literature based, mixed with fun and solid articulation of current and authentic topics of interest.

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We understand the importance of continuing to up skill your staff but realise that it isn't always easy to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

One of our qualified and experienced facilitators will come to your centre or service and present any of our multitude of Professional Development courses to your entire team. We can also tailor any PLD to your requirements. The value of having your whole team attend professional learning and development courses all together is priceless. It ensures everyone in your team is on the same page and is able

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Leaders and Management staff need an extra level of support and mentoring to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their diverse teaching team and their obligations within management. All of our experienced, fully registered, ECE specific mentors are involved in an array of management aspects themselves, so are more than aware of what is required to be an inspiring, empowering yet effective leader. Our mentors ensure that they are meeting the needs of diverse management styles and create the opportunities for people and management skills to be grown through a multitude of strategies and techniques.

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Teacher Registration

Developed with New Zealand early learning services and education businesses in mind, our Teacher Registration Mentorship Programme will support your growth and business goals. As part of this programme you’ll receive our A4 Discovery Journal, an Introduction to Teacher Registration online course, TWO free Online Learning Hub courses per year relevant to your inquiry or goal, an Appraisal Summary Template or review and support of your current appraisal system, PLUS mentor meetings online or via phone call centring around your inquiry and progress to keep you on track and moving forward.

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"It has been wonderful to work with Melissa this year, and as a leader it is important to have someone to connect and talk with who understands your role and challenges.  Melissa is a great sounding board and is always happy to share knowledge and resources, and also willing to search for information to help me out.  I have really appreciated the support I have received this year and very much look forward to working together next year.  

Aroha nui"

Centre Manager

“Today was really helpful and valuable - a great refresher and reminder about our role with Tamariki.”


“Thank you for the wonderful webinars, I really enjoyed this PLD and found it hugely beneficial for my teaching practice moving forward”