3 ELC Start Ups in 6 Months!

3 ELC Start Ups in 6 Months!

People say we’ve been busy with 3 ELC start-ups in 6 months…
we call it productive!

The demand for beautifully designed, holistic focused and high-quality early childhood education centres in New Zealand continues to rise – which has meant a productive start to 2019 for the 4E’s Consulting team! Not only have we been flat out facilitating educator workshops, running The Great ECE Expo events in Christchurch and Auckland and providing expert preschool startup and consulting services to centres around the country – we’ve also been hard at work bringing to life our vision for three new early learning centre startups here in the South Island.

That’s right – THREE gorgeous centres in just SIX MONTHS! It has been an incredible journey taking these ECE startups from concept, through development to launch, and the feedback our amazing teams have received from whanau has been amazing.

Three Trees Learning Centre

26 Dynes Road, Rolleston, Canterbury
Opened January 2019

Led by the philosophy with nature we live, through nature we learn, our vision for Three Trees was to create an Early Learning Centre that offers children frequent opportunities for outdoor play in a setting that combines state of the art design with a natural, woodlands-inspired environment.

We worked closely with award-winning architects Collingridge & Smith – who have vast experience in thoughtful ECE centre plans and development – to design the centre: applying their knowledge to ensure spaces are acoustically designed to create engaging learning environments and are well-ventilated to support the health and well-being of children and staff.

The centre’s uniquely holistic approach to early childhood education is built on a philosophy of child-centred learning through play that embraces the great outdoors.

What a wonderful, peaceful, learning environment you have created. Very lucky tamariki and kaiako.
Jude McArdle Fitzgibbon

Visit Three Trees Learning Centre website and Facebook page to learn more.

Nestled Early Learning Centre

139 Styx Mill Road, Casebrook, Christchurch
Opening June 2019

Based in Casebrook, Christchurch, Nestled Early Learning Centre’s focus is on love, nurturing and closeness to each other – in an environment that embraces and enhances tamariki development across all areas. All aspects of the centre’s design and philosophy embrace and support tamariki as uniquely competent, inquisitive and engaged explorers – capable of leading their own learning journeys in an environment that embodies heart-led learning at their core.

Each space within Nestled is designed to feel like a home away from home – has a boutique vibe, with a strong focus on wood and organic elements strengthening our focus on nature play and nestled environments. Enrolments are now open and our team has been facilitating settling in visits this month, and the final countdown to opening day is now on – with Nestled opening next week!

It’s just beautiful!
Michelle Macioce

Visit Nestled Early Learning Centre website and Facebook page to learn more.

Omaka Early Learning Centre

25 Spitfire Drive, Blenheim
Opening June 2019

Our third ECE startup launched in the first half of 2019 is Omaka Early Learning Centre – based in Blenheim’s beautiful new Omaka Landing subdivision, just minutes from the town centre. With the location’s close ties to heritage aviation, Omaka Early Learning Centre’s brand and approach is based around the philosophy, where learning takes flight – a theme carried through the design of all learning spaces and the unique learning journey all Omaka tamariki are guided through during their early childhood education.

Omaka embraces New Zealand’s unique culture as essential in developing holistic learners true to understanding our bicultural values and embracing a multi-cultural learning community. Our teachers listen to our children’s voice at all times and work alongside our children engaging in a partnership of growth and learning together, knowing that learning is a lifelong journey.

Our local team and management have received overwhelmingly excellent feedback on our recent open days, and stay and play sessions are currently being held in preparation for the centre’s official opening in early June.

It is absolutely amazing!!!! Such an incredible wee space, congratulations on making such an inviting environment for littlies
Samantha Wallis

Visit Omaka Early Learning Centre website and Facebook page to learn more.

Planning YOUR ECE Startup?

4E’s early childhood education consultants have the experience and passion to help you start your own preschool – including planning, consents, licensing, staff development and everything else in between.

If you’re considering launching an early learning centre startup in 2019, learn more about our preschool business planning, design and development services now, or contact our team to make an enquiry!

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