Wellness for Kaiako Thursday 27th Oct and Monday 31st Oct 6pm

$45.00 + GST

Product Description

Do you give yourself and your wellbeing or ‘wellness’ any consideration? Do you know what the term ‘wellness’ actually refers to?

We all have very busy lives trying to balance quality time with family, work commitments, eating healthily, exercising regularly and attempting to have some kind of social life. So, it is not surprising that many of us can find it a real challenge to take some time to put ourselves first and really focus on our optimal wellness. I believe teachers can find this even more difficult as the teaching profession is not only physically draining but also mentally and emotionally draining as well. It is however, vitally important to have teachers in Early Childhood Centres and Schools functioning at their optimum ‘wellness’ and understand the characteristics of an effective team and how to create a team culture of collaborative problem solving to support each other.  

This course will show you the importance of ensuring you are focussing on your own wellness and that of your whole team. You will see the vital importance for teachers to be ‘Well’ and be provided with some really useful tips to implement into your everyday life so as to really focus on achieving your optimum ‘Wellness’.



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